The following schedule was released on 12/17/2013 by the management of USA PRO SUPERMOTO and I am excited to see such great venues lined up for 2014. We will be racing in front of really large crowds in conjunction with NASCAR, AMA, and STADIUM SUPERTRUCK events throughout the season. This will provide excellent visibility and marketing opportunities for existing and future WEIG RACING sponsors.


With the help of the great people at On Track Wellness, SoCal Supermoto, and Rich Oliver’s Mystery School  -  I have really cleaned up my diet and ramped up my physical fitness and on bike training during this winter season with a goal of finishing the USA PRO SUPERMOTO 2014 season with a top 5 overall points finish. I feel stronger, faster, and more ready to do battle than ever !


I hope to see a bunch of you at the races cheering for me or on the starting grid racing alongside me for the win!

-Tim W.


  1. David Cho says:

    Tim, watched you ride and you make it look easy. Do you prefer motocross, road ravin, or Supermoto?

    Also, what bike will you be competing on?


    1. Tim Weig says:

      Hi David,
      I appreciate the compliment. It’s neat to hear what you said because I always feel like I am working really hard out there to make the bike do what I want on the track…and when I watch other really fast people they all look like they are smooth and hardly trying at all. Perhaps we all are workign our tails off and it just appears to be easy?? :)

      I love all 3 aspects of moto racing… but my days of motocross racing are long gone. I am too old to tumble that hard and race against 16 year old punks !
      Road racing is the biggest adrenaline rush in the world but it comes with huge risk. I am not sure I want to risk that much anymore.

      Supermoto has been a fantastic and relatively safe blend of the two…. and its really cheap to do compared to roadracing, so I would have to say that I love supermoto more than the others and its just a wildly fun time riding a motorcycle every single lap!

      HOpe you have a great day and if you ever make it out to a track while I am there, be sure to come say hello.
      Tim Weig

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