I had every intention of racing and chasing the AMA supermoto points championship this season, so I bought and built a second race bike over the winter in order to have an “A” and “B” bike for the season at all of the race rounds…. Well, as you all know, I crashed and broke my collarbone at a race 1 week prior to the AMA season kicking off and unfortunately this left me sitting on the sidelines for the first 2 race rounds of the season. Which also left me completely out of the running for the season points championship. It’s a major bummer for sure, but this is all part of the game of racing.
So…. I now have no reason to sit here with 2 fully prepped AMA race bikes in my garage.


About the bike:
This is the bike I bought a little over a year ago and immediately had Tokyomods rebuild the motor on, I then went out and put 22 hours on the engine and won 2 class championships in Southern California with it. This bike has previously been raced by all star supermoto Micky Dymond and was originally imported to the U.S. from Europe for champion supermoto racer Mark Burkhart of HMC fame. As you can see, this bike has  an amazing pedigree and has WON a lot of races and championships in it’s life.  The bike is setup properly and has everything needed to go out and win more championships with you aboard it!

The bike has 22 hours on a complete and amazing Tokyomods rebuild which included OEM spec bore, supercross cams, ported head, new cylinder /piston / bottom end, and tokyomods carb mod/jetting. The bike runs fine on pump gas, but for safety reasons I always ran it with a 50/50 blend of pump and 110 octane race fuel. The bike runs flawlessly and has very low hours on this tokyomods build. It has an amazing power curve and you will definitely not be short on power against any other 450 race bikes. It pulls hard and strong all the way to redline.

Other bits:
I had this entire bike pulled apart, inspected, lubed, and reassembled prior to the race season beginning. I have put exactly 5 laps on the bike since then. (I raced and crashed the other bike while this one sat on the sidelines as a backup)

-Brand new black excel wheels with orange talon hubs were installed, (16.5 front & 17×5 rear) (5 laps total on them)
-brand new graphics installed (5 laps)
-Full Beringer pro race brake system and rotor, 4 piston) (5 laps on caliper rebuild and new fluid/pads installed)
- comes with 1 or 2 brand new sets of brake pad sets
-suspension is race tech gold valve setup and perfectly sprung / setup for 190 pound rider (180-200 will be fine, others might want new springs)
- (suspension fluid and seals have 5 laps on them)
-axle, footpeg, & bar-end sliders installed
-hour meter
-fancy “farkle” orange engine covers installed on misc ports(worth at least 17 horsepower)
-brand new DUNLOP tires front and rear will be included
-twin carbon fiber akropovic factory race exhaust with titanium header (this bike sounds ridiculously cool and EVERYONE loves the look of the twin exhaust)
-lightweight lithium MOty-D race battery with electric start
-oversize carbon fiber front number plate
-carbon fiber air box
-fancy pants silicone coolant hoses
-K&N air filter
-stainless reusable oil filter,
- I have always used rotella full synthetic oil and I change the oil after every single day of riding

Known issues:
-1 exhaust clamp is an ugly metal strap instead of the fancy carbon fiber clamp that should be installed
-1 exhaust pipe has small dented section near the exhaust cannister, I raced it all season long with zero issues like this
-misc scratches, wear marks, and signs of use from being a race bike The bike is VERY good looking, but it is not brand new
-the bike has never been titled in the U.S. , I do have the original import paperwork and everything necessary to transfer ownership to whomever purchases this ( it is a race bike, it will always need to be as far as I can understand the laws)

Extras included with sale:
*front and rear 17 inch wheels with rain tires mounted
*some new and used brake pads, 1 set of new race tires, used bottom end cases, used starter, used cylinder( that needs to be replated), misc seals/gaskets, skidplate, and that’s about it… If I find any other misc parts I will include them as well.
(I still have a 2013 KTM race bike, so most of the spare sprockets and stuff that I have will be saved for that bike)

I purchased this bike for around $7000 last year, I immediately spent another $2500 rebuilding the engine and have spent a bunch of other money (5 laps ago) getting the bike prepped up for the AMA season..I could waste our time here and list it for more and then let people haggle with me on price , or I can do what I always do, which is list it for the lowest price that I am actually willing to accept. SO, that’s what I will do!

$6000 Cash – no trades, no lower offers

You won’t find a better race proven bike with low hours on a top notch rebuilt engine for this kind of money ! The bike is located in Huntington Beach and is ready to go ride and win races immediately upon purchase.

My cell is (505) 917-3349 and email is tim@weigracing.com










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