My trips to race in Chicago and Atlanta with USA Pro Supermoto have been cancelled, here is why:

I had my plans all set, tickets and hotel purchased, and was on the road to drop off my KTM supermoto race bike this past Sunday for transport to Chicago for the upcoming USA Pro Supermoto round when I received a phone call from Matt Stewart that changed my summer plans. He stated that unfortunately the Chicago round was cancelled by the Stadium Super Trucks promoter Robby Gordon due to several factors, one being that they had a less than spectacular turnout in St. Louis just a couple weeks prior and were afraid Chicago may be the same. They chose to eliminate the Chicago round and press forward towards Atlanta where there is a stronger motorsports following.  This meant that our imminent plans to head to Chicago were no longer going to happen.

USA Pro Supermoto will most likely be releasing a new / revised schedule for the rest of the season within the next few days, but I am definitely not going to be able to risk any additional money and time traveling across the country this season for the remaining rounds. I had big hopes of chasing the points all season in this series and felt I stood a strong chance at coming out in the top 5 by season’s end if the schedule had happened as we all had hoped.  Hopefully we can all make something work in the future.

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes things don’t go quite like they were planned in life. I have found that it’s not what happens , but how you handle the things that happen that truly defines a person’s character. I am bummed, but not discouraged.

I definitely need to thank everyone that helped me prepare to go out and put my best foot forward in Chicago & Atlanta. I am sorry that it was all for nothing, but this is completely out of our control.  I was ready and riding faster and stronger than ever, the bike was cleaned up and in great working order, and my support team had done everything to get the pieces of the puzzle together in order to make this all happen.  I know that we would have had a strong showing if the opportunity had presented itself as scheduled.   This news certainly came as a shock and was not great news, but it was not the end of the world by any means. I am already busy rescheduling my summer and will find some other road race or supermoto events to participate in with my newly freed up schedule.  I currently have a supermoto race planned for July 14th at Grange with STTARS where I hope to recapture the points lead that I let slip away while I was attending my brother’s wedding in Hawaii.  Hope to see some of you out there cheering me on and being a part of the show.

See you all at the track soon !
-Tim Weig

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