Day 1 of supermoto racing – BIG Wins!

What did you do last weekend?

Well, I registered to race at the Orange County Gran Prix which was hosted by Race SMX with very little prior Supermoto experience and zero supermoto racing experience. So I was unsure how this weekend was going to turn out but I had high hopes and a reasonable amount of confidence that I should do “ok” in the races if I was able to avoid crashing or blowing up my freshly converted bike.
Practice on Friday went well and I was really starting to feel good on the track and bike. The track was super tight and I found myself only using 1st and 2nd gear for the majority of the day. I wish that I had brought some extra sprockets with so that I could use 2nd and 3rd gear instead, but I would have to make do with this combination for the weekend. I met a couple of familiar faces and shared my pits with Tim Clarke, Jim, Mike,  and David Benault for the remainder of the weekend. We also were joined by Rory and Mike who would be racing with us throughout the weekend.

I showed up Saturday morning ready to race.   I need to keep this short and sweet  so  I will  just tell you that I  won a heat race, got second in a heat race and then went on to WIN  both of my main event races.  This was  awesome and I quickly caught the attention of some people in the industry,  I even surprised myself at how well this was all coming together for me.  It was very clear to me that the little bit of time that I had spent with Brian Murray at his  SoCalSupermoto.com  school was  paying off huge dividends.  His class teaches people how to ride supermoto.  His emphasis is on having fun and learning how to ride… I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone.  He does not teach race schools, but I tapped his wisdom and knowledge for every bit of info that I could while I was there in order to get prepared for this type of racing.  He is a good instructor and way too humble.  Check out his site and go see for yourself how much fun can be had on two wheels!

Day two ( sunday),  I had one heat race in which I killed the bike while entering turn 1, so this put me at the back of the starting grid for the main event.  I didnt’ let that stop me ,  I  charged hard and  managed to finish in fourth place, but only was beat by the 3rd place rider by approximately .06 seconds…  which is equivalent to half a bike length!

All in all it was a fantastic first race weekend with Race SMX  and I can not wait to get back on the grid with the pros next time!
Huge thank you goes out to Hazardous Racing for the awesome new racing suit. The full perforation made a world of difference during the 100 degree race day on Saturday.  ( you can get your own custom Hazardous Racing suit for  $599 from me anytime.. just email me for details)

I owe a debt of gratitude to the good people at  Mad Jack Racing  for jetting my bike, tweaking the suspension, and helping me work through a few silly newbie issues that I was having on the track.  I left my bike with them at the end of the weekend for the full monte SM setup.  Can’t wait to see how awesome it is after it has been setup properly by the gang at Mad Jack Racing.

THank you everyone for your continued support and following of my racing adventures.
Next weekend is WERA  racing at Fontana, wish me luck!

-Tim W



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