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Dunlop shod champions all across the U.S. were honorably mentioned in the following press release submitted to Superbikeplanet.
Dunlop Congratulates 2012 Club Racing Champions
by staff
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

This just in from Dunlop:

Dunlop Congratulates 2012 Club Racing Champions

Buffalo, NY: 2012 has proven to be a successful year for Dunlop-shod club racers across the country, and we would like to congratulate the long list of champions.

Georgia Bulldog’s, BEI/Dunlop Development Team clinched the overall WERA Endurance championship for the second year in a row while in Northern California Ricky Corey wrapped up the number one plate for overall Championship in the AFM division. Dunlop’s very own Mark Degross came on strong capturing multiple overall wins in the Northwest this year as well. In the CMRA division, from the lone star state through Oklahoma and on to the big easy, Dunlop riders clinched the top 10 in the expert ranks. Dunlop’s “Village Idiots” went on to win Big Bike Endurance Overall Championship as well as C Superbike Endurance Championship. In the centennial state of Colorado, Dunlop clinched 21 of 27 championships, with marathon man Shannon Moham taking multiple titles. Over in Oregon and Washington, Dunlop riders were able to capture 18 #1 plates within the OMRRA and WMRRA series.

Dunlop riders also sealed the deal on many championships in the WERA West series, with Robert Chavez taking it all in the Senior Superbike Middleweight class. The Southeast region was Dunlop dominated as well. Florida’s very own Charlie Mavrose and Jeff Lampe brought home class titles for the state as well as the Southeast region for the CCS series. In the mighty Midwest, Ricardo Valdez took home the title of Overall Expert Champion amongst many others. In the action packed, Mid Atlantic region Mark Miller, Scott Greenwood, Eric Wood and Rick Doucette dominated in both the CCS and LRRS series.

Dunlop would like to congratulate all of the riders for a successful season, especially the following 2012 champions:
Chris Bostron, Jason Harper, Steve Hildum, Gene Brown, Austin Carroll, David Wright, David Marod, Ken LaLonde, Mark Degross, Jerry Kassebaum, Steve Bleistein, Tony Connell, John Orchard, Blake Cochran, Brandon Cleland, Chris Headley, Ryan Johnson, Lindsey Redfern, Connor Blevins, Derek Wagnon, Mike James, Bobby Davies, Enoc Garza, Shannon Moham, Nik Lenski, Matt Diehl, Dan “Otis” Turner, David Mobley, Jason Madama, Wyeth Jackson, Pat Lansu, Mike Applegate, Ed Gunzman, Kenny Anderson, Steve Metz, Tim Weig, Don McClary, Robert Chavez, Mike Duke, Roland Wheeler, Paradigm Racing, A.J. Amman, Benny Solis, Ramin Ershadi, Lenny Hale, Tom Montano, Jesus Sanjurjo, Michael Altamirano, Ricardo DePena, Geoff Osterman, Billy Etheridge, Tim Beimsderfer, Team-Kinetic, Sean Dwyer, Jimmy Merck, David Brown, Nick McFadden, Jamie Lee Murray, James Stroud, Jessical Butel, Ricardo Valdez, Brian Hall, John Laconte, Kollin Kozik, Michael Herrenbruck, Todd Carlson, Mark Miller, Eric Helmbach, Alex Shaw, Lloyd Bailey, Patricia Fernandez, Rick Doucette, Eric Wood, Scott Greenwood, Cory Hildebrand, Shawn Spear, Dennis Levesque, Doug Fogg, Alex Gilbeault, Trevor Chiappisi, Aaron Yates, Opie Caylor, Jeff Lampe, Charlie Mavros, Felipe Maclean, Ricardo Suna, Bob Damerau, Lee Farmer, Alan Slaney, Mitchell Lachowitz, Jose Fernandez, Nicholas Maclean, Phillippe Touya.

All 2013 sponsorship inquiries should be sent to steve@dunlopracing.com, and cmaynard@goodyear.com.

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