Dunlop Support Rider – Tim Weig

I have been racing on Dunlop race tires in every sprint race since I began my novice season in 2009. The tires that Dunlop provides to us racers are unparallelled when it comes to steady and reliable performance. These tires are very sticky and provide some great feedback to the rider all while lasting an extremely long time when compared to the competition’s offerings. I have had the chance to ride on other tires that were mounted to a friend’s endurance bike and the tire spun up and starting sliding on the bike LONG before the tire was actually worn out. The tire did this for the entire hour that I rode the bike at corners and angles of lean that I have never had issues in with my Dunlops. This experience helped me confirm that I was definitely doing the right thing by riding and racing on Dunlops on my own bikes.

I can’t say enough great things about the longevity of Dunlops.  If you want a tire that is dependable and top notch, give them a shot!



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