The road racing season is coming to a close and we are planning to have a really great time at the final round which is being held in Las Vegas, NV on November 3rd & 4th. This race round is not only the final Lucas Oils WERA West race round but also the proving grounds for the highly contested California State Championships. Both of these events will crown their series’ champions that weekend and the racing will be as intense as ever.

I am heading into this race weekend with the Lightweight Superstock and Lightweight Superbike championships locked down already for WERA West. Credit for those championships is owed to hard work, a little bit of luck,  and a lot of help getting the bike dialed in perfectly by  Greg at Spears Racing   along with the suspension / chassis setup by Barry at KFG Racing.  All of my sponsors this season have really been great and set me up for success.  Privateer racing is tough stuff,  having great people  helping you out makes a world of difference in what results will be produced.

Even though the WERA SV  classes are not going to be a big deal, I am in a very heated battle for the Ninja 250 Clubman racing class. Class leader Brian Bartlow has stretched out his lead and will surely be the class champion unless he fails to show up and compete this weekend, but the remaining top steps on the podium are still very much in the air. Logan Hanks and I are both tied for the the 2nd place position in this championship. Logan is a great racer and has found a lot of speed around the race tracks this season, I certainly will have my work cut out for me if I want to beat him.
The California State Championship that is being held during the race weekend is another contest that is up in the air. I will be racing against the fastest lightweight superbikes from the Southwest with hopes of proving that I am the fastest Lightweight racer at the track that weekend. I am an underdog in the fight due to having a stock engine and less race experience than most of the experts that I will be racing against,  but I have high hopes and have been preparing all season for this battle. The superbike race on Saturday and Sunday will be the fastest and most highly contested races that I have ever had to compete in.

This weekend is also going to be exceptionally fun for me because I will be sharing it with some good racer friends from Seattle that are going to be making the trek down to Vegas to join me in the races all weekend long.

Last , but certainly not least, my mother (and greatest fan) has organized and done all of the logistics to gather up a large group of fans and supporters from the Las Vegas area that will be attending the races to cheer for all of us. There is going to be a big BBQ each day and plenty of laughs in addition to the great racing action.
For info on the meetup you can see: http://www.meetup.com/vegasadventurers/events/79430912/?a=socialmedia

I will have sample custom Hazardous Racing suits on display at the track which are on sale til the end of the season for $599 for anyone interested in stopping by to take a look at those as well.

I will be sure to write up a race report / summary of the weekend once the dust settles. Until then, take care of yourself and wish me luck at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

-Tim Weig

(I will have practice each  morning and my races are highlighted in YELLOW. I anticipate that my first race will be approximately 1:30PM and the following races will be very closely spaced afterwards)

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