Green Smoothies are makin’ me faster and healthier = win, win!

By the end of 2012 I had accomplished a lot of things on my SV race bikes but was looking for a bigger challenge for 2013.  I had fallen head over heels in love with this supermoto stuff and decided that if I was going to focus on that and race  at a high level, I would need to start  taking my exercise and diet a little more seriously than I had in the past.  Racing a dirt bike is substantially more physically demanding than racing a sportbike…. The sad truth was: I was going on 35 , hardly ever worked out, and ate just about anything I could get my hands on.  I was not fat.. but was not healthy and in tip top fighting form. I still am not in perfect shape and may never be, but I am healthier, skinnier, faster, and better prepared for kicking butt at the racetrack now that I have spent a few months eating better and working out more.  I have also befriended Nathan Church , owner of On Track Wellness, and he has given me  alot of great advice about workouts, arm pump, dieting, stretching, and overall health stuff.   I have also began making these GREEN SMOOTHIES a part of my daily diet in addtion to regular health concious meals.  I love em and the results have been great.  My body works and feels better than it has in a long time.
A lot of you have been asking me about my “green smoothie” fad and how you can make em. The internet is loaded with info.. but I think this website sums it up the best in a nice clean format: http://www.lifelessbullshit.com/green-smoothie/

smnoothie1 smoothie2 smoothie3

I do not do step 5 (optional). If you follow the info on this one simple page, you too can be shedding fat and getting healthier with a lower grocery bill in no time just like me !

If you live in SoCal and are looking for a good trainer, I would recommend my friend Nathan  at ON  TRACK WELLNESS. He is loaded with info that will help racers and track junkies.  He also sells an entire lineup of really good hydration and vitamin type products that will aid you in getting / staying healthy.  His website is:  http://www.ontrackwellness.com/

on track wellness

Hope you have a great day, and thanks for stopping by WeigRacing.com !



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