This past weekend, I was asked to be the guest instructor for SoCal Supermoto at Adam’s Motorsports Park in Riverside, California. DSC_5974DSC_5992
The class was packed full of good students with a willingness to learn. I had a great time giving lectures , answering questions, and working through on track training drills with all of the attendees. It was great to have Brian there to offer answers and other ways of explaining stuff to the students based on his years of coaching and teaching through the SoCal Supermoto program.  I am rather new to the coaching and instructing thing so I have some things to learn in that department. I kept finding myself struggling with not going into too deep/advanced of technique stuff and keeping things rather simplified in order to hit all of the varied skill levels that were in the class. I did have a ton of fun and I look forward to doing more coaching in the future.

We received fantastic reviews and feedback after the class was over with from the students and I feel really confident that these guys definitely got their money’s worth. This makes me happy because I want to give back to the sport and help develop riders.

Here is a pic of me standing in my sexy Hazardous Racing leathers  on the edge of the track coaching my friend and sponsor  Troy from Mission Bay Automotive (San Diego) in one of the more perplexing corners at Adam’s motorsports park:adams 3-16-13 297-M
I also brought in my personal mechanic Roy Stafford from TnT Specialties to give a lunch time talk about basic supermoto bike setup and answer any mechanical questions that the group had.
We wrapped the day up with some starting and stopping drills and then moved into some mini races. Everyone rode incredibly well and I was impressed with how well they were picking up on the material that I conveyed. This was a fun and unique chance for me to try and pass along some of the info that I have gained over my race career in motocross, road racing, and supermoto through racing and riding schools that I have attended.
Angela was there snapping photos as well as SoCal Supermoto owner and operator Brian Murray. If you were a part of the class and want to see the pics from the day see these two links:




If you have not attended or are not familiar with the SoCal Supermoto program, you need to jump on over to www.socalsupermoto.com  right now and check out what this stuff is all about.
2 years ago I signed up and took a class with Brian and learned how to ride supermoto…. I have been absolutely hooked and loving it ever since.  DO yourself a favor and come check out his school for yourself sometime soon!

-Tim Weig

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