HAZARDOUS RACING extends 2014 sponsorship offer to ALL licensed racers…


I have been racing in, representing, and selling Hazardous Racing suits and gloves for over 2 years now and I am extremely happy with the quality, durability, fitment, and value. My suits have seen several good crashes and many little spills at the supermoto track and road race courses and have kept me completely safe and rash free every time. I love that these suits are custom fit for each person, and the color schemes can be customized to anything the customer desires. We also now are offering laser printing services that literally allow us to print any image onto a suit and can create some extremely wild styles! Your imagine is the only limitation at this point.

I am excited to announce that all of us at Hazardous Racing have been working quietly behind the scenes on a way to help as many racers as we can in trade for them helping us grow as a company and have now finalized the details and are ready to present it to anyone interested in joining our team.

Hazardous Racing is proud to now offer it’s high quality racing suits to ALL licensed racers at a huge savings through their newly defined 2014 sponsorship program.

As a seasoned racer, I feel that this 2014 sponsorship offer is extremely fair and will provide valuable savings to all of the racers that choose to participate this season. If you would like the full details, price structure, and our expectations please shoot me an email at your earliest convenience: tim@hazardousracing.com

I look forward to working with you and getting you in a really great race suit !
-Tim W.


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