With the help of a bunch of great students, an awesome facility, and a fellow racing coach – I held another supermoto racer clinic yesterday at Grange Motor Circuit in Apple Valley California and it was another great day on two wheels!



AMA podium finishing racer and friend Brandon Ward accepted my offer to work as a coach with me for the day as we offered a long and intense day of supermoto race skill development to 12 riders.


We had a good mix of Southern California racers, aspiring racers, and even a gentleman that was returning to moto riding after a broken back that was suppose to leave him never being able to walk again according to his doctors!

The day went extremely well considering the large class size, diverse skill levels, and extreme heat. It was over 100 degrees at the track so all of the students were sweating profusely and without the help of Rehydrate Gel and Powders donated by On Track Wellness, we all surely would have never made it through the day nearly as easily. Thank you Nate and Amanda for the continued support! If anyone is headed to a race or training environment in the heat of summer, I highly recommend that you check out the line of products that these guys sell to help keep your body working properly. They also offer an excellent personal training program that I personally have utilized to shed nearly 20 pounds of blubber over the past 8 months and it’s led to me being in the best race condition I have ever been in ( minus the broken collarbone incident)!

I have to thank the owner of Grange Motor Circuit for his support and great facility for these supermoto clinics. Without such a great venue and easy management, this type of event would not be a success. Jim also owns a local pizza shop called “Cross Eyed Cow” , so in order to show our support, we always purchase lunch for the students from him and have it delivered to the track. The pizza is delicious and always a hit for the students. I highly recommend you give it a try the next time that you ride Grange Motor Circuit:


We all spent the day working through acceleration, extreme braking, passing, starts, and general race craft drills in the dirt and asphalt sections of the track.  At the end of the day the students got to practice a bunch of race starts with full on racing through turn 1 and all the craziness that comes with it.  This is always a big hit for folks in the classes!

The final training for the day was a true test of endurance and a great chance for everyone to put the skills learned throughout the day to one final test.  We raced around Grange for a full 35 minute endurance session in 100 plus degree heat…   In the end there were only 3 riders that managed to survive without throwing in the white flag of mercy and surrendering to the pits prematurely.
I am happy to announce that even though I have been sidelined for nearly 2 months now due to injury, I was one of the 3 riders to manage the full 35 minute endurance ride and I felt great during the entire thing!
I am a huge advocate of rider training and think that everyone benefits from investing in honing and learning skills. I spend my own time and money going to training whenever I get the chance as well, here are a couple that I highly recommend:

If you are a new or want to be a new supermoto rider, I encourage you to check out www.socalsupermoto.com , they offer rental bikes and a great intro class for supermoto riders as well as several other advanced classes. I personally learned to ride supermoto with these guys exactly 2 years ago this month!

Another really great training for any type of rider is offered by the Rich Oliver Mystery School.  They offer a very unique opportunity to learn tons of bike skills that will help you become a better rider regardless of what your ride or sport of choice is.

If anyone reading this is interested in One-On-One supermoto coaching please contact me directly at    tim@weigracing.com  for pricing and details.

I was really happy to get back aboard my Redline Motorsports sponsored race bike and spin laps with all of the students and I look forward to coaching more of these types of racer clinics in the future. I also can NOT wait to get back on a race grid myself and due some real racing !

Thank you everyone for your participation and hard work!
Stay tuned for future racer clinic dates coached by me to be announced here and on Facebook.

-Tim Weig

***   A BUNCH OF PHOTOS FROM THE DAY CAN BE SEEN HERE: https://plus.google.com/photos/111610632115949634896/albums/6022433510441991921 *****

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