We will be hosting another supermoto racer clinic on June 7th at Grange Motor Circuit (www.grangeracetrack.com).
This class will be coached by AMA Supermoto racers  Brandon Ward and Tim Weig ( me).   We will spend over half of the day in the dirt helping to make the students comfortable with turning, braking, accelerating, and sliding in the dirt.  This aspect of supermoto racing seems to be the biggest struggle for most new racers and we will do our best to ensure the students leave this day with a whole new level of confidence in riding their supermoto race bikes in the dirt sections of race tracks.


The first racer clinic that I taught at Grange was last fall as a guest instructor for the SoCal Supermoto school, the students loved it and got a ton of great dirt, pavement, and all around racing lessons out of the day. Grange is a great venue for teaching a class like this and I plan to give the students a FULL day of riding, drills, tips, and talks. Grange is especially great for dirt training, we will get dirty and you will love it !

Your tuition of $200 will cover your track fees, lunch, photos all day long, and a complete day of interactive hands on lessons, drills, and guidance. We will work on every aspect of racing that you can apply to your races whether you are a novice racer or advanced racer. My methods have helped me win multiple championships in motocross, road racing, and supermoto. You will leave this day of training with a great deal of info and tools that you can put to use in your next race! The classes are small sized so that you get plenty of one on one training time.

Here is a cool quote that I got today: “I need to attend your next racer school. Glenn was significantly faster at Havasu post Tim teach day!” ~ Steve S.

If you are a racer, you owe it to yourself to invest in your riding and sharpening your skills. I personally attend classes, camps, and get instruction from others as often as my time and money will allow.

Please email me directly at : tim@weigracing.com if you would like details, have questions, or want to claim one of the spots that will surely fill up quickly.
-All previous classes have sold out , so if you are interested in attending contact me to get your deposit or full payment in now to hold your spot.

– PLEASE NOTE: all previous students receive a $25 off registration discount for attending this class.
IF you sign up for this class with another friend, you both save $25 off the tuition price.  SO,  sign up with a buddy and save some cash!

Here is a write-up about a camp that I instructed at a couple of months ago for your reference: http://weigracing.com/guest-instructor-at-the-3162014-socal-supermoto-school/

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