Madjack Racing joins team for 2013

I am happy to announce that Madjack Racing has offered to become a partner with me for the 2013 racing season. These guys are based out of Simi Valley, CA and have offered their commitment to help me rock the socks off the Southwest supermoto racing scene throughout the upcoming race season. My very first supermoto race took place last month at the Orange County Gran Prix in Costa Mesa, CA.  Madjack Racing had a trackside  support truck on site doing performance mods , suspension setup, and overall race bike setups for the racers in attendance at that race. I asked a friendly young guy named Stephen of MJR to help me do some baseline setup on the stock YZ450F that I had brought to the battleground that weekend.  After just a few  turns of his screwdriver and a little jetting, I went out on the track to race this “supermoto” stuff for the first time ever.  I raced, and I  won…  I actually won  3 out of the 6 races that I competed in that first weekend and I know it was made easier by having MJR’s help.  Stephen not only setup my bike, but also offered a lot of good riding tips and overall supermoto knowledge that I was able to deploy throughout the weekend.  I was very pleased with my race results and this new found friendship with such a great trackside  support operation.

After the race weekend, I sent my bike with Stephen so that the crew at Madjack Racing could do a complete suspension rebuild and proper race setup on my supermoto bike.  I have been bitten by the supermoto bug now and am happy that I will have a much better prepared bike for the next races where I will be stepping up and battling against all of the fastest  pro racers in this region.   I would like to encourage anyone looking for good dirt bike and supermoto service or products to give Jack or Stephen a call at  Madjack Racing. They are good guys that are here to help and  will most likely be on site at your next socal moto event with one of their awesome trackside support  trucks. They perform suspension, engine, chassis, and pretty much any other type of service that you can possibly need done to your dirt bike. They also sell tons of products that make your bike go faster and look way cooler. With their help, you might even get a little lovin’ from the trophy girl after you get your win!

If you see this truck at the track be sure to stop in and say hi to Jack or  Alex  – and don’t be afraid to ask for some setup help, that is why they are there:







Thank you Madjack Racing for the help thus far and I look forward to doing some really great things in 2013 with your help all along the way!

-Tim Weig


Madjack Racing
185 E. Easy St. Unit F
Simi Valley, Ca 93065

web: http://madjack-racing.com/
email: Info@madjack-racing.com

Shop: 805-842-1313
Fax: 805-842-1311

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