Mission Bay Automotive joins the team and helps support my efforts this season!

Do you know how to make a business thrive and have customers perfectly satisfied for over 30 years??? Excellent customer service, rock solid ethics, cutting edge technical know-how, and competitive pricing are a few of the key ingredients that have helped MISSION BAY AUTOMOTIVE accomplish this. They have fantastic reviews all over the internet from thousands of satisfied customers and hold a stellar 5 STAR rating on Yelp: http://www.yelp.com/biz/mission-bay-automotive-san-diego

MISSION BAY AUTOMOTIVE is a full service facility that offers:

* Oil Change * Tune-Up * Brakes *
* Computer Diagnostics * Engines *
* Transmissions * Axles * Clutches *
* Air Conditioning * Auto electric Repair *

I am honored to have the opportunity to represent Mission Bay Automotive at the AMA Supermoto series this season and hope you will consider giving them your business the next time that your car, truck, or RV is in need of service.

~Tim Weig

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