MOTOLIST.com – The World’s Best FREE Motorcycle Classifieds!

Most of you know that I buy and sell a lot of motorcycles. I have actually purchased and sold over 23 motorcycles in the past 2 years. This is something I do for fun and occasionally I make a decent profit buy fixing up a wrecked street bike and turning it into a race bike.  The money  make usually goes right back into my own racing fund.  When I am looking for a bike to buy I generally search on Craigslist for good deals and on places like WERA’s classified section as well. As luck would have it,  I recently met a fellow SoCal rider and AMA racer named Richard Barnett that operates a great FREE motorcycle classified service called MOTOLIST.com . I checked it out myself and have to say that I will now be adding this to my list of places I use to find deals on new bikes and sell bikes that I already own. It’s free, global, and even has a “RACE MOTORCYCLE” specific category ! I encourage you to click this link and take a peek. I think you will see why I am happy to have found this new resource.

-Tim Weig

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