MOTY DESIGN gets 2 big thumbs up

After hearing my friend Brian Murray at SoCal Supermoto rant and rave about how great his lightweight lithium batteries from MOTYDESIGN.com were, I decided to do a little research on these things myself. I searched high and low on the worldwide web and came across a ton of really positive reviews including one from Brian himself which can be found here: http://socalsupermoto.com/blog/2011/01/05/motydesign/
Since my existing KTM supermoto battery was no longer holding a charge for me, I decided to replace it with a MOTYDESIGN.com 4 cell lithium battery. I ordered it up and installed it several months ago. The thing worked like a champ and was as lightweight as everyone had claimed and was able to fire up my race bike immediately without fail. I was stoked!
Fast forward 3 months and you will find me in the pits of the round 7 STTARS race last weekend with a smoking battery and battery box¬† and a bike that won’t start 2 minutes prior to needing to be on the race grid. This problem developed all because I didn’t do a very good job at installing the battery and it was flopping around inside my air box for so long that it eventually chewed a hole through the side of one of the battery cells and caused it to malfunction. This was 100% my fault due to poor installation. I managed to replace the battery that night with the old (original) bad battery that I had laying in the trailer and jump started the bike all night long to get through the remaining races.
On Monday morning I contacted MotyDesign to order up a new battery and explained what had happened. Instead of just running my card and sending me a battery, they spent nearly 20 minutes talking to me about how I can check my bike to ensure my rectifier wasn’t bad and how to properly install the battery to prevent any future issues with the new battery. I now have bought a replacement battery and they shipped it out to me lickity-split so that I can get the bike up and going again without any further delays. It has been a pleasure to deal with these guys and I can’t say enough great things about the weight savings and power that these sweet little lithium MOTYDESIGN.com batteries offer. not only is the product outstanding, but the staff’s knowledge and customer service goes far beyond expectations. I highly recommend them and encourage you to consider them if you ever replace a battery on your bike in the future.
-Tim W.

(this is a pic of the battery I use in my race winning 2008 KTM 450 SMR)

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