Official WEIG RACING logo released!

I have been toiling with the development of an official logo for WEIG RACING for well over a year now… Sounds like it should be a simple task right? NOT for this hombre!  I have less than zero art talent and my creativity / sense of style is pretty lackluster as well. I am great at a lot of things, but this type of thing is certainly not on the list.
So, I tried to get several people to help out with the task with little to no success and finally stumbled upon a friend that unbeknownst to me prior to this, not only went to college for graphic design but also freelances as a graphic designer in her spare time.  Kelly has done lots of work in the motorcycle industry for KFG and other companies in the past and was a pleasure to work with on this project. Thank you Kelly Hambidge for your help with this and for putting up with my lack of creativity or valuable inputs as you fine tuned this.

I am happy to finally unveil the official WEIG RACING logo:

Look for this logo at the front of the race pack and on top of a podium near you very soon!

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