On Track Wellness pledges 2013 race support

There is no doubt that physical and mental health is paramount to being a successful racer. I have been lackluster over the course of my racing career when it comes to fitness and have been lucky enough to let raw talent, luck, and decent machinery get me to where I am today. I know that I am now being held back from greater race accomplishments by not being in peak physical performance, so I was really delighted when I bumped into a gentleman named Nathan Church not long ago at a supermoto event. He and I bantered back and forth a bit and even talked about how was letting my arch rival Brandon Ward race on his motorcycle that weekend. We also discussed some mutual acquaintances that racing has brought into our lives such as Ryan and JJ Matter as well as others.¬† After conversing for a bit I learned that Nathan not only is a motorcycle nut like I am, but he also owns and operates a company called ON TRACK WELLNESS. They specialize in all sorts of aspects of adapting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Obviously special emphasis is placed on track related activities since that is one of Nathan’s biggest passions.
We both agreed that I am a little soft in the middle and a talented rider that would greatly benefit from working with ON TRACK WELLNESS this season. I have already started down a new path of eating better and exercising more and can say that I feel better each day. I have no doubt in my mind that my racing results will be improved by this new found determination and lifestyle change. I welcome ON TRACK WELLNESS to the team and hope that if any of you are looking for motorcycle or general life related fitness and health advice that you will consider giving Nathan a call.
I have not seen LA FITNESS, GOLD’s GYM, or 24 Fitness at the race track… but I have seen Nathan and ON TRACK WELLNESS at every race I have attended this season. That speaks volumes to me and I think it should to you as well. We owe it to ourselves as racers to support the vendors that are interested in and supporting our sport. I trust that you will agree with me on this.


From their website:
“Our goal is to help individuals improve their overall wellness for sports or life. There is a lot of information and knowledge out there to sort through. The key ingredient is that everyone is a unique individual. What works for one may not work for another. Our goal is to share our story and help others find their track to a healthier, stronger and improved life.”



Have a blessed day and keep on rippin’ ,

-Tim W.

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