2 Big Weekends Up Next

This weekend, September 15th I will be headed up to race with my local race series at Horse Thief Mile for round 8 of STTARS. This day of racing should be fun as I get the chance to learn a new track and do my best to keep my solid footing in the STTARS point chase for the season. I am currently sitting atop the ladder in the the 450 class with a 12 point lead over my racing buddy and nemesis Jim McNiell. The important races of the day for me will be the highly contested VET 30 race where Jim, Alex, Brent, and I have battled all season long for the lead. I am currently sitting in second place in that class trailing Jim by only 2 points. This one should be a great race and it’s important that I do my best to finish ahead of Jim.
The final race of the day will be the UNLIMITED race which will again surely be a great race between Jim, Brent, and myself as well as any other new faces that appear at the front of the STTARS race pack that day. In this UNLIMITED class I am also in second overall for the season trailing Jim by 11 points.
Thanks to Roy Stafford at TNT SPecialties (760) 963-2478, my bike suspension has been freshly tuned up and feels really stable once again. I am going to do my best to show up, learn the new track as quickly as I can, then go out and race and hopefully finish ahead of Jim in all the races in order to close the gap on the class championships. We are only a couple of rounds from the end of this season and the points chases are still very close…. This makes for some very intense racing which I LOVE!

Next weekend, September 21st, I will be racing with USA PRO SUPERMOTO at a joint venture being held with Robby Gordon’s Supertrucks. This event is going to be held at the Orange County Fairgrounds and should be a really exciting and fast paced race. This event is open to all Pro supermoto racers from around the world. The lineup is yet to be determined, but I know that I will have the KT’s All Star Gymnastic Gym / SoCal Supermoto sponsored race bike on the line and ready to do business with all the other guys that decide to make the trip to Southern California for this great race.
If you are in the area and can attend either of these events, please come out and join us. Fans are always welcome in the Weig Racing pits.

See you at the races!
-Tim Weig


Vortex Delivers Results

Vortex racing components win races all over the world every weekend…AND they support more racers than any other company I have ever heard of. If you want race proven products , great pricing, and really fast shipping go to today!

Here is the latest shipment of goods that I ordered up for the remainder of my 2013 race season:

I have been using, racing with, and winning races since my novice days with Vortex products. I can not say enough great things about this company and I greatly appreciate that they make nearly every bit of their inventory right here in the USA.
-Tim Weig


Guess who got a nice little Dunlop and Alpinestar treat from the mailman today?


I came home from work today to find a fantastic care package that the mailman had left for me. The big box contained a few sets of new DUNLOP SUPERMOTO slicks to get me through the remaining races this season. I have been using Dunlop race tires all season long and absolutely kicking butt with them all over socal until last month when I was in a pinch and unable to locate some new tires in time for a race that I had at Sonoma. I mounted up a set of Bridgestones for that race and lost the front while leading a race, then a lap later I highsided myself to the moon at the end of the straight. The following weekend I raced with those same Bridgestones at Milestone and crashed out while leading the main unlimited race.  These are the first two DNF’s that I have had in over 3 years. Needless to say, I am VERY pleased to have some brand new Dunlops sitting in the trailer and ready to be mounted up again. :)

You can order Dunlop supermoto racing tires for your own bike from Steve and his awesome crew at Race Tire Service by clicking this link:–REAR/Detail.bok

The mailman also left me a nice little box from Motorcycle Superstore that contained a brand new set of Alpinestar Supermoto boots (tech 7 I believe). These will replace the nasty old shagged set of Gaerne boots that are about one slide away from having my heel and toe pop out of the sole! I have never used these Alpinestars in the past, but I have heard good reviews and at $300 they seemed to be a good option.
Motorcycle Superstore has really great prices, super fast shipping, AND more importantly than anything (in my opinion) – they support our sport. Motorcycle Superstore sponsors the AMA 600 Supersport race class as well as a couple of good friends of mine including Devon McDonough and Andy DiBrino. I have raced SV650′s with both of these hooligans in the past and they are some great fresh new talent on the 600 AMA race scene. I hope they both continue to impress all of us and climb to the top of the podium.
You can follow their racing adventures at the following links:    &

Here is a pic of me snagging a  podium finish up at Sonoma with Supermoto USA .  They run a very fine  operation and I highly encourage any supermoto racers or fans to go check out one of their races sometime.  Their schedule of events and more info can be found here:


Hope you all are doing well and enjoying life,
-Tim Weig


MOTY DESIGN gets 2 big thumbs up

After hearing my friend Brian Murray at SoCal Supermoto rant and rave about how great his lightweight lithium batteries from were, I decided to do a little research on these things myself. I searched high and low on the worldwide web and came across a ton of really positive reviews including one from Brian himself which can be found here:
Since my existing KTM supermoto battery was no longer holding a charge for me, I decided to replace it with a 4 cell lithium battery. I ordered it up and installed it several months ago. The thing worked like a champ and was as lightweight as everyone had claimed and was able to fire up my race bike immediately without fail. I was stoked!
Fast forward 3 months and you will find me in the pits of the round 7 STTARS race last weekend with a smoking battery and battery box  and a bike that won’t start 2 minutes prior to needing to be on the race grid. This problem developed all because I didn’t do a very good job at installing the battery and it was flopping around inside my air box for so long that it eventually chewed a hole through the side of one of the battery cells and caused it to malfunction. This was 100% my fault due to poor installation. I managed to replace the battery that night with the old (original) bad battery that I had laying in the trailer and jump started the bike all night long to get through the remaining races.
On Monday morning I contacted MotyDesign to order up a new battery and explained what had happened. Instead of just running my card and sending me a battery, they spent nearly 20 minutes talking to me about how I can check my bike to ensure my rectifier wasn’t bad and how to properly install the battery to prevent any future issues with the new battery. I now have bought a replacement battery and they shipped it out to me lickity-split so that I can get the bike up and going again without any further delays. It has been a pleasure to deal with these guys and I can’t say enough great things about the weight savings and power that these sweet little lithium batteries offer. not only is the product outstanding, but the staff’s knowledge and customer service goes far beyond expectations. I highly recommend them and encourage you to consider them if you ever replace a battery on your bike in the future.
-Tim W.

(this is a pic of the battery I use in my race winning 2008 KTM 450 SMR)



1001091_454264804672790_149034193_nI’ll be there racing, I hope you are there to cheer, support, or race as well  !

Seeking SoCal based company sponsor that would like to get involved with this one off WEIG RACING event and have product/marketing material on display throughout this event at the largest Southern California / west coast Sand Sports event held. This is a great opportunity to get behind the scenes access to the racing as well as have your company branding on display and broadcast to thousands of enthusiasts in the Southern California region.

Contact for sponsorship package level details




I had the honor of meeting and working with Jason Forman and Andrew Kinsler of  Chrome Capes early this summer at a couple of race tracks while they filmed a bunch of rad footage of me and life at the track. They are some seriously talented camera , audio, and editing guys here in the hollywood scene that have portfolios full of really gnarly projects from the past. I hope this little teaser video gives you the cool “I WANNA SEE THE WHOLE THING RIGHT NOW!” feeling that I got when I watched it.
The real deal is going to be great and I can’t wait!


“Trailer for the upcoming Weig Racing promotional film. All content shot and created by Chrome Capes. Special thanks to Adams Cart Track, Grange Motor Circuit, Socal Supermoto, and Weig Racing.”

Huge props to Jason and Andrew for all of the hard work and dedication to this task. God knows, I surely couldn’t do it without them.
-Tim Weig


Tokymods review = 5 Stars and more!


” 7/10/2013
The guys at Tokyomods are outstanding!  I moved to SoCal from the Seattle area about a year ago and have had to find new shops and people to do my race service and bike prep with. I stumbled upon TokyoMods through a recommendation from a friend and am SO  grateful that I did.  I race supermoto with a 2008 KTM 450 SMR  that had a major engine failure and needed some quick and professional help.  They tore the engine down, found the problems, put it back together perfectly and handed me a turn key bike that I went out and won all of my races with that very next weekend.  They did this all in a very timely and professional manner.  What else could I ask for?
The price was well worth the outstanding work they did for me.  I can not possibly tell you how happy I am that the bike is still running flawlessly and winning trophies everytime I take it out to the track.

You can hunt around and find better prices, but I can pretty much guarantee that you will not find a better value than the guys at Tokyomods. They ROCK!

I have test ridden many other bikes that have had the Tokyomods carb , head, and engine work done to them and the bikes all revved to the moon and pulled hard the entire way. If you want a great bike that is delivering the best possible performance , you need to call these guys.

I will be bringing every bike I race here for service for as long as I live in SoCal.
-Tim Weig
USA PRO SUPERMOTO, STTARS, WMRRA,  & WERA expert / pro  racer”




The time has come for me to move on to a more plush lifestyle. I am going to sell this trailer and look into either a toyhauler or a camper with smaller enclosed trailer. This is a very well built Atlas 28 foot enclosed trailer that has been outfitted to haul race cars or motorcycles. It has some very small damage on the right hand rear corner of the trailer from a curb, but is still in great shape. It is a 2006 ( I think) model and I would put it at a 7 or 8 out of a 10. The tires are fairly new, the brakes work great, it is built on a very solid heavy duty 8″ steel frame and can haul a LOT of stuff inside. It measures 6.6 feet tall inside, 8.5 feet wide, and 28 feet long (plus 3.5 to 4 feet of tongue). This trailer is wired for 30 AMP RV power with a circuit breaker box , microwave, flourescent lights, and 4 outlets inside. It’s a great trailer and has served me very well. If you have any questions give me a call and I will be more than happy to try and answer them for you.
Thanks for looking !
-Tim W.



SoCal Supermoto MEGA Weekend @ Grange Motor Circuit

SOCAL SUPERMOTO has decided they are going to bring ME on as their supermoto bootcamp instructor. This is going to be a blast and I hope all of you new, wanna be new, and novice type racers can come join us for this weekend of awesome. My bootcamp is on saturday August 24th. On sunday , Stuart Smith is going to be instructing another ASS (advanced sportbike skills) class and I will definitely be participating in that one again. I highly recommend both classes if you can take em!

This be my first time instructing but I have a great curriculum put together and think you will see and do stuff on your super moto that you have never done before. We will combine talks, drills, and even some simulated races at the end of the day to prepare you for your first real race experience or help you break through into a new level if you are already racing. I will have something to offer everyone but this is mostly geared to people thinking about racing up to novice level riders.

PLEASE Come hydrated and ready to learn. If you want to spin laps all day, this is not the class for you. But if you want 8 or so solid hours that will build your skills and make you more rounded and capable, then you are in for a treat!

In regards to the Sunday A.S.S. (advanced sportbike skills) course that Stu is teaching, I have taken it twice before and will hopefully be able to participate again as a student this time. It’s a great course and you will learn stuff that applies to every motorcycle ride you ever take whether its on a track or street. Stu is a man with a ton of riding, racing, an instructing experience. Attend one or both of these classes if you can !

Did we mention that there will also be an AMAZING B.B.Q. hosted an provided by our good friend David Eckenrode? HECK YES, good riding, great food, and lots of excellent times with friends… That’s what its’ all about !

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? Then please visit the SoCal Supermoto website for contact information and to get yourself signed up for this event:



Hello everyone,
I would like to encourage you to visit my online cafepress clothing store that was just updatedwith some new Supermoto inspired shirts and clothing items.  All items are marked up 5 to 7 bucks over my cost,  which is not steep. I make a couple of bucks off each sale and that all goes towards my racing efforts.  In trade,  and you get a stylin’ new shirt or cap or whatnot to wear around and represent the sport that we all love so much. I plan to create more designs and even better products over the next few weeks, so be sure to check it out every once in awhile for updates and to keep your closet stocked up with the latest in SUPERMOTO ROCKS gear !
The store can be found here:

Thank you for your support!
-Tim Weig

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