My trips to race in Chicago and Atlanta with USA Pro Supermoto have been cancelled, here is why:

I had my plans all set, tickets and hotel purchased, and was on the road to drop off my KTM supermoto race bike this past Sunday for transport to Chicago for the upcoming USA Pro Supermoto round when I received a phone call from Matt Stewart that changed my summer plans. He stated that unfortunately the Chicago round was cancelled by the Stadium Super Trucks promoter Robby Gordon due to several factors, one being that they had a less than spectacular turnout in St. Louis just a couple weeks prior and were afraid Chicago may be the same. They chose to eliminate the Chicago round and press forward towards Atlanta where there is a stronger motorsports following.  This meant that our imminent plans to head to Chicago were no longer going to happen.

USA Pro Supermoto will most likely be releasing a new / revised schedule for the rest of the season within the next few days, but I am definitely not going to be able to risk any additional money and time traveling across the country this season for the remaining rounds. I had big hopes of chasing the points all season in this series and felt I stood a strong chance at coming out in the top 5 by season’s end if the schedule had happened as we all had hoped.  Hopefully we can all make something work in the future.

It’s unfortunate, but sometimes things don’t go quite like they were planned in life. I have found that it’s not what happens , but how you handle the things that happen that truly defines a person’s character. I am bummed, but not discouraged.

I definitely need to thank everyone that helped me prepare to go out and put my best foot forward in Chicago & Atlanta. I am sorry that it was all for nothing, but this is completely out of our control.  I was ready and riding faster and stronger than ever, the bike was cleaned up and in great working order, and my support team had done everything to get the pieces of the puzzle together in order to make this all happen.  I know that we would have had a strong showing if the opportunity had presented itself as scheduled.   This news certainly came as a shock and was not great news, but it was not the end of the world by any means. I am already busy rescheduling my summer and will find some other road race or supermoto events to participate in with my newly freed up schedule.  I currently have a supermoto race planned for July 14th at Grange with STTARS where I hope to recapture the points lead that I let slip away while I was attending my brother’s wedding in Hawaii.  Hope to see some of you out there cheering me on and being a part of the show.

See you all at the track soon !
-Tim Weig


Seeking Partner / Team Sponsor for 3 USA Pro Supermoto rounds


Weigracing.com is seeking an individual or company that is interested in becoming a partner / team sponsor for the remaining 2013 USA Pro Supermoto rounds. The race rounds are going to be June 21st in Chicago’s Soldier Field, July 6th in Atlanta’s Georgia Dome, and November 9th in Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium. These three events will be held in front of and estimated crowd of 30,000 fans and race highlights will be aired on NBC sports network. The races will feature some of the greatest supermoto racers from the U.S., Canada, and Europe. This is an outstanding way to get involved with a race team, a fun and exciting sport, and to get some serious marketing opportunities including national television.

I have a great team of support already onboard for the season including SoCalSupermoto, Kt’s All Star Gymnastics Gym, Vortex, Aftermarketcycles, Tokyomods, Pit Posse, Hazardous Racing, and other well known companies. I am currently seeking financial support in any amount that you / your company can offer in order to help offset transportation, entry fees, tires, and fuel to enter the largest supermoto races being held in the United States this season. The sponsor will be listed as such on all race entries, race results, in the pit area sponsorship board, in post race press releases and on the bikes as our sponsor for that race, at a minimum. I can also offer and tailor additional exposure based upon further conversations and the amount of support provided (i.e. 28 foot race trailer wrapped in your company graphics, bikes on disply at promo events of your choosing, etc, etc). The sponsor and a guest will also welcome to be an active part of the team by entering our team pit area and behind the scenes race access during the race events if you wish

If this is something you or your company would like to consider getting involved with please contact me directly the following email: Tim@weigracing.com

more general sponsorship info and marketing data can be found here:

A great interview on TwoWheelPodcast can be heard here: http://twowheelpodcast.podbean.com/2012/11/07/episode-9-tim-weig/

I look forward to national competition and putting my bike as far up the results sheet as possible. It will be easier if I can line up a bit more support for this. If you are able to help or have ideas that might help me make this happen, please get in touch with me.

Thank you for your time and have a great day!

-Tim Weig (#7)
* points leader in Unlimited, 450, and VET 30 classes with STTARS SUPER TT American Racing Series





Throwback Thursday – a trip down memory lane…

Here is a pic from my very first trackday ever:

1st TrackDay

I Was invited by Ken Ryder and Jane Schwartzkopf Ryder to come ride with Carey Andrews and the Hypercycle team at Streets of Willow with my 2003 CBR 954RR. From that day forward I gave up my canyon and stunt life and fell in love with the track. I did 2 more trackdays that season with hopes of becoming a racer when time and money allowed. I had to sell my bike and move to Albuquerque for a new job after I left the air force that year, so I went 5 years without any motorcycles before moving to Seattle where I purchased a race bike and went to the race track to get back into it.
4 years later I have won a ton of races, spent a lot of money on this horrible addiction, and am going faster and faster every time that I touch the race track. There is no end in sight yet and I plan to continue going as long as possible. Thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way and to all of the friends I have made in this journey. It’s been a blast !
-Tim Weig


Latest promo video – turn up your speakers and rock this !

Check out this snazzy rockin’ video featuring some excellent music and pics from this season of riding :




3 Races and 3 Wins at Grange Motor Circuit – STTARS Round 4


Would like to thank everyone that came out to race, spectate, organize, and participate in the race weekend at Grange this weekend. I went into the mains with very little confidence because I couldn’t seem to keep the bike upright during the heat races and the track didn’t seem to make much sense to me. Once the green flag flew in the mains I put my head down and went to work. I was riding a newly built KTM from Tokyomods and the bike ripped. I was able to pull out a lead in all 3 of my main events within the first couple of laps that allowed me to relax and just cruise to the finish checkers for the win and a clean sweep in vet 30, unlimited, and 450. I had a ton of fun with all of the folks in the pits and on the track. Looking forward to another great race event on June 8th at APex for STTARS round 5. Thanks to all of the great folks making this intro season of supermoto possible for me: SoCalSupermoto, Vortex, Hazardous Racing, Pit Posse, KT’s All Star Gymnastics Gym, Dunlop, Tokyomods, Graves, ON Track Wellness, Aftermarket Cycles, and all of the great friends / family that have always been there to encourage me. YOu all rock !

I also spent the entire day on Saturday working with a couple of great guys that do independent type films and we are working on putting together a great little promo video.  Thank you to Jason Forman and Andrew Kinsler for your time and efforts Saturday.     Stay tuned for that to be released at  your local theaters later this summer.  ;)
(http://pyramidwhale.com/       &           http://www.illking.com/ )

Please check out the rest of this website for more info, results, sponsorship opportunities, and stories from my adventures: http://weigracing.com/603428_10152813088515043_484834234_n


Green Smoothies are makin’ me faster and healthier = win, win!

By the end of 2012 I had accomplished a lot of things on my SV race bikes but was looking for a bigger challenge for 2013.  I had fallen head over heels in love with this supermoto stuff and decided that if I was going to focus on that and race  at a high level, I would need to start  taking my exercise and diet a little more seriously than I had in the past.  Racing a dirt bike is substantially more physically demanding than racing a sportbike…. The sad truth was: I was going on 35 , hardly ever worked out, and ate just about anything I could get my hands on.  I was not fat.. but was not healthy and in tip top fighting form. I still am not in perfect shape and may never be, but I am healthier, skinnier, faster, and better prepared for kicking butt at the racetrack now that I have spent a few months eating better and working out more.  I have also befriended Nathan Church , owner of On Track Wellness, and he has given me  alot of great advice about workouts, arm pump, dieting, stretching, and overall health stuff.   I have also began making these GREEN SMOOTHIES a part of my daily diet in addtion to regular health concious meals.  I love em and the results have been great.  My body works and feels better than it has in a long time.
A lot of you have been asking me about my “green smoothie” fad and how you can make em. The internet is loaded with info.. but I think this website sums it up the best in a nice clean format: http://www.lifelessbullshit.com/green-smoothie/

smnoothie1 smoothie2 smoothie3

I do not do step 5 (optional). If you follow the info on this one simple page, you too can be shedding fat and getting healthier with a lower grocery bill in no time just like me !

If you live in SoCal and are looking for a good trainer, I would recommend my friend Nathan  at ON  TRACK WELLNESS. He is loaded with info that will help racers and track junkies.  He also sells an entire lineup of really good hydration and vitamin type products that will aid you in getting / staying healthy.  His website is:  http://www.ontrackwellness.com/

on track wellness

Hope you have a great day, and thanks for stopping by WeigRacing.com !




KT’s All Star Gymnastics to be title sponsor for Stateline Challenge 2013

Thanks to our friend Dave, KT’s All Star Gymnastics is not only Santa Maria’s premiere gymnastics center but also the new title sponsor for my Stateline Supermoto Challenge race weekend to be held April 26-28 in Primm, Nevada. I will be racing along with teammate Brent Hunnicutt in the Pro Team race Friday where we will compete head to head with teams of the best riders that the U.S., Canada, and Europe have fielded for this event. We will do our best to put our KT’s All Star Gymnastic team bikes at the front of the pack. Brent is an expert racer with the local STTARS SoCal supermoto race series and has been fighting for the win in every race this season. He and I both have been riding, training, and working with our pals at SoCalSupermoto.com to ensure we are bringing our “A” game to this event.
We both greatly appreciate the support that KT’S All Star Gymnastics has provided for this race weekend and would like to invite as many of you as possible to come join us in our VIP pit area for some BBQ on the race weekend.

Additionally, I will be racing in 4 solo races throughout the weekend with a grand finale race on sunday afternoon featuring the fastest pro supermoto racers that this sport has to offer. I will no doubt have my work cut out for me , but I am looking forward to the challenge. Hope to see some of you out there cheering for us !

Full race details and schedules can be found at: http://www.statelinechallenge.com/

If you live in the Santa Maria, CA area and would like to stop by KT’s All Star Gymnastics to take a look around and meet the awesome staff, they are located at:

KT’s All Star Gymnastics
237 Town Center East
Santa Maria, Ca. 93454

Phone: (805) 349-7575
Fax: (805) 346-2860
Website: http://www.ktsallstargymnastics.com/Home_Page.html

Thanks again KT’s All Star Gymnastics —> YOU GUYS ROCK !
-Tim W.


MOTOLIST.com – The World’s Best FREE Motorcycle Classifieds!

Most of you know that I buy and sell a lot of motorcycles. I have actually purchased and sold over 23 motorcycles in the past 2 years. This is something I do for fun and occasionally I make a decent profit buy fixing up a wrecked street bike and turning it into a race bike.  The money  make usually goes right back into my own racing fund.  When I am looking for a bike to buy I generally search on Craigslist for good deals and on places like WERA’s classified section as well. As luck would have it,  I recently met a fellow SoCal rider and AMA racer named Richard Barnett that operates a great FREE motorcycle classified service called MOTOLIST.com . I checked it out myself and have to say that I will now be adding this to my list of places I use to find deals on new bikes and sell bikes that I already own. It’s free, global, and even has a “RACE MOTORCYCLE” specific category ! I encourage you to click this link and take a peek. I think you will see why I am happy to have found this new resource.

-Tim Weig


On Track Wellness pledges 2013 race support

There is no doubt that physical and mental health is paramount to being a successful racer. I have been lackluster over the course of my racing career when it comes to fitness and have been lucky enough to let raw talent, luck, and decent machinery get me to where I am today. I know that I am now being held back from greater race accomplishments by not being in peak physical performance, so I was really delighted when I bumped into a gentleman named Nathan Church not long ago at a supermoto event. He and I bantered back and forth a bit and even talked about how was letting my arch rival Brandon Ward race on his motorcycle that weekend. We also discussed some mutual acquaintances that racing has brought into our lives such as Ryan and JJ Matter as well as others.  After conversing for a bit I learned that Nathan not only is a motorcycle nut like I am, but he also owns and operates a company called ON TRACK WELLNESS. They specialize in all sorts of aspects of adapting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Obviously special emphasis is placed on track related activities since that is one of Nathan’s biggest passions.
We both agreed that I am a little soft in the middle and a talented rider that would greatly benefit from working with ON TRACK WELLNESS this season. I have already started down a new path of eating better and exercising more and can say that I feel better each day. I have no doubt in my mind that my racing results will be improved by this new found determination and lifestyle change. I welcome ON TRACK WELLNESS to the team and hope that if any of you are looking for motorcycle or general life related fitness and health advice that you will consider giving Nathan a call.
I have not seen LA FITNESS, GOLD’s GYM, or 24 Fitness at the race track… but I have seen Nathan and ON TRACK WELLNESS at every race I have attended this season. That speaks volumes to me and I think it should to you as well. We owe it to ourselves as racers to support the vendors that are interested in and supporting our sport. I trust that you will agree with me on this.


From their website:
“Our goal is to help individuals improve their overall wellness for sports or life. There is a lot of information and knowledge out there to sort through. The key ingredient is that everyone is a unique individual. What works for one may not work for another. Our goal is to share our story and help others find their track to a healthier, stronger and improved life.”



Have a blessed day and keep on rippin’ ,

-Tim W.


Vortex releases new V3 product lineup

I recently bought and installed one of the new V3 Vortex fuel caps and wanted to write a review about it because the darn thing is so stinkin’ awesome…. I decided to google quickly and see if someone else had already done the same and sure enough – there are a ton of great reviews out there.

I know what you are probably saying, “it’s a gas cap dude, how great can it be?”. Trust me, this thing is light years better than the old version cap and it is a nice looking bit that should be given serious consideration when choosing which bits to bolt onto your new bike.

rather than writing my own babble, here are the guys from sportbiketrackgear with a comprehensive video review:

Vortex’s new V3 lineup is a complete overhaul of their already great and reputable offerings and is set to impress the customer with functionality, value, and craftsmanship. Be sure to do your homework before you go buy that ebay knockoff that may or may not last a long time and work as well as you had hoped.

Vortex is a good ol’ fashioned American company and they provide a ton of support to our sport. American companies like this deserve our support more than ever in economic times like we are going through as a nation.
(plus, at the time of this writing, they are hiring a CNC operator, so if you are looking for a job check it out!)


Cheers to you and best of luck in your next race !
-Tim Weig

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