Race bikes for 2012 are nearing completion…

My R6 and SV650 have been completely torn down and rebuilt by Barry at KFG and Mike Castro with Fuzimoto. New Flexiglass bodywork Trevor was painted up by Brandon at BrandXCustoms and it is looking sweet!
I have a plan to get the bikes reassembled and bodywork mounted in the days following Christmas, so I should be right on track for hitting the Fontana races with some really great looking and handling bikes that have all kinds of FUZIMOTO POWA !!!

2012 is going to be a really great season and I look forward to the great racing opportunities that will be presented along the way. Thank you to each and every person that supports my racing in any kind of capacity. I would like to especially thank Phil Cook for keeping me sane, answering a ton of silly questions that I have, and always being willing to help me with my riding, mind, and the bikes.. Thanks for everything my friend!

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