SoCal Supermoto launches a new website in honor of my 1 year Sumo Birthday! ;)

It’s my birthday and I’ll toot if I want to.
(pic from my first supermoto trackday)

I have been ranting and raving about this stinkin’ So Cal Supermoto company and the nut job Brian that runs it for about 15 months now…. I feel it’s pretty warranted, here’s why: June of 2012 I signed up for a SoCal Supermoto school for the very first time. I fell in love with it from the very first session of the day.

Fast forward 3 months and it is September of 2012 – I built my first supermoto race bike and went racing for the first time.

(pic of my first supermoto bike and race)

That’s right, one year ago this month I raced Supermoto for the very first time and now one year later I am signed up to race in my 2nd PRO race and I am finishing on the podium in just about every single race that I enter. This is all due in large part to the introduction to supermoto and the training that I have received along the way from So Cal Supermoto.
As a celebration for my one year anniversary of owning and racing a supermoto race bike, SoCal Supermoto has completely redesigned and launched a new website. Check it out: www.socalsupermoto.com

(ok.. perhaps its just a coincidence that they created a new site on my birthday… but thats the story I am sticking with)

(pic of me getting ready to kick butt at the local race series just last month)

Go check their calendar and find a date that works for your schedule and then do yourself a huge favor and give supermoto a try, you will love it!

-Tim Weig

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