Spears Enterprises joins the Weig Racing team and offers support for 2012

I am excited to announce that a deal has been struck with Gregg Spears,  owner and mastermind at Spears Enterprises in Manteca California.   Spears Enterprises will be providing sponsorship and support for my SV race bike as I campaign toward the WERA West Lightweight Superstock and Superbike championships in 2012.

Gregg has been building engines and working on pro teams for many years and is considered to be one the greatest Suzuki SV builders in the world.  Here is an article from RoadRacing World 2009 regarding Spears Enterprises: http://spearsenterprises.com/pdf/News-001.pdf

I am currently tied for 1st place in the WERA West LWT championship and sitting in the top 3 for  LWT Superbike,  I am confident that with the support of  Spears Enterprises for the remainder of this season, the championships are well within my grasp.

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