I am an accomplished privateer motocross, road race, and supermoto champion that is entering another year of national competition. I am looking for companies and individuals that would like to join my team of satisfied sponsors by pledging your support to help me chase down another championship in 2014.  There are many options available and quite honestly ,  any and all support offered  really does make a big difference in helping offset the fees and expenses associated with racing at this level of competition. In return for any support given, I  ALWAYS go above and beyond the average racer’s efforts to provide maximum exposure and positive impressions for all of my sponsors.
I compete at the upper ranks of regional and national level supermoto races, countless other riding events, am very active in the social media scene, and am seen as a positive influence in this industry.
The motorcycle racing  demographic is filled with young to young families and middle age risk taking individuals that have disposable income, a strong sense of adventure, and are very active.
I am seeking a partnership with your company for the upcoming race season where I will provide positive exposure for your company, products, and services throughout this racing scene in trade for capital support. This type of support is vital to privateer racers such as myself being able to compete at the top level of this sport. Without support from gracious sponsors in the past, I would not be the champion that I am today. I am not asking for anything for free, I have always worked hard to produce great results for those that support me and will continue to do so. I am successful and have what it takes to help your company positively implement itself into the motorcycle racing world!

In 2013 I fought for and earned 2 class season championships and finished on the podium or won over 85% of the races that I entered. Weig Racing has a host of great companies that have already teamed up with me and are providing differing levels of sponsorship as I charge forward toward new 2014 championships. I would like to offer your company an opportunity to be a part of this winning team!

Services I Can and Will Provide Your Company:
I understand that marketing is successful when it is exciting, multi faceted, and hits the correct target audience.  This is precisely what I am able to offer your company.  Examples of current successful options for marketing and broadcasting your brand into the racing scene include:
- Logo branding on race bikes – these are on display at motorcycle shows, at each race track, and watched by spectators in person or on television.
- Logo branding on race trailer and tow vehicle – travels roughly 30,000 miles per season up and down freeways and through major metropolitan areas. (Seen by millions of viewers over the course of a race season). This vehicle is also on display at all race events and motorcycle shows. **See sample below**
-Announced as a sponsor prior to all race starts by the race announcer in every race throughout the season.
-Listed in all press releases throughout the season- these are released to national motorcycle publications, motorcycle related websites, and enthusiast forums on the internet.
-Products, flyers, or merchandise can be placed on display at any event that I attend during the season for spectators to have and sample.
- Logo branding on my personal racing website with hyperlinks to your own website
-I also am an avid internet user and reach countless numbers of potential viewers through Facebook, message boards, and other online social media outlets. Your company will benefit from this exposure and my recommendations in the social media scene.

**This marketing plan can be altered to fit your specific needs & budget**
**non corporate / personal levels of financial support and contributions are also greatly appreciated to help defray some of the costs associated with racing a full season at this level of competition**


I appreciate your time and look forward to speaking with you soon regarding this proposal to represent your company in 2014. Please call me or send me an email message,  I would love to understand your marketing needs so that we can discuss how I could be an asset to your organization.

Tim Weig

Email: tim@weigracing.com
Cell: (505) 917-3349


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