And so it begins; Stateline Supermoto Challenge 2014 – “Race” Report

The story begins around October of 2013 when I first heard the rumors and confirmation that there would be a professional AMA  supermoto series held in 2014.  I decided at that moment that I was going to get in shape, build a second race bike, and figure out a way to attend every single one of the pro rounds regardless of where they were held or what obstacles I needed to cross to make that happen.  I went to work immediately on finding another supermoto bike prepped with Toxic Moto Racing parts and getting my body ready for the fight. Plans were put in place, sponsors sourced, budgets made, and all of the pieces to contest the 2014 AMA Pro Supermoto race series.

Fast forward to April 9th, 2014 and we find ourselves in my pickup truck loaded with 2 beautiful race bikes wrapped in awesome new Redline Motorsports graphics and headed north on I-15 to Primm, NV to race in the Stateline Supermoto Challenge hosted by the great crew at WHR Motorsports.  thanks to a nutrition supplement plan and workouts with Nate at On Track Wellness, I was down a full 15 pounds from last season, had a great looking pit setup, Angela was all primed up and ready to be the perfect crew chief for the weekend, and I was ready to race for the first time in almost half of a year.  I was ready and willing , and Lord willing – Able to  kick some butt !

Practice day was Thursday where Angela and I got the pits set up, bikes dialed in, I learned the track, and we put the final touches on the game plan for the race weekend.  I was feeling really good about everything and couldn’t wait to get a nice night of rest and race the following day.
Friday morning -  we  woke up and headed out to the race track for some practice sessions and then around noon the first event was staging to happen.  I was signed up to race in a Pro team race with Brandon Ward that afternoon.  Brandon is a super nice and wildly fast guy that comes from some of the best moto breeding stock in the U.S.  His father Jeff was a long time moto champ and now Brandon is proving that apples do not fall far from trees .  Brandon and I have built up a friendship over the past year and have raced one another in the past. We were at each others throats throughout the entire race.. By the end of the races we were usually WAY ahead of the competitors trailing us.  We both are good racers and were ready to fight.

I knew that Brandon and I stood a very fair shot at winning or doing well in this 1 hour endurance pro team race event.  We decided to have Brandon start the race, which he did from the 18th position on the grid.  Within just a few laps he had fought his way to the front of the pack and was leading the race!   I was excited for him and excited for our team… I waited eagerly and nervously in the hot pit area with my helmet and gear on waiting for his first 15 minute ride duty to elapse.  Brandon  totally rocked and pulled out an almost 1/4 lap lead over the entire field by the time he came into the hot pits and tapped my rear tire with his front tire signaling me to GO !!!     I headed into the first turn with stone cold tires and a head full of thoughts such as: “don’t highside with these cold tires like you did 2 weeks ago” & ” you have a 1/4 lap lead, ride smart and you will win this thing!”….

Well, I maintained the lead and starting working my way through lappers at every section of the track that I passed through. The bike that Roy of TnT Specialties prepared for me worked great and it was very clear that the time I spent training with SoCal Supermoto during the offseason was paying off big time!  Around the 12 minute mark of my riding stint I started closing the gap on a rider that I recognized.  It was a guy named Alex that I had raced against many times in the past season of Sttars racing and I knew he would be a bit harder to get around than the rest of these lappers had been so far.   As Alex and I aproached the Stateline Supermoto dirt section He ran a little wide and I had my chance to make the pass and move on..  Or so I thought  :)

As I launched up the face of the jump I noticed at the last second that Alex was right there again an was actually about one wheel in front of me but off the far left side of the jump.  I have been racing a long time and knew that if he and I were headed to the same landing spot this was not going to end well.  It didn’t…. I tried to swerve right but it was too little too late and I ended up landing with my handlebar on top of ALex’s at the jump landing. We both went down and our races were over at that point. I landed on my head and shoulder pretty hard and I knew that I heard a loud pop as it happened.  Within a couple of minutes I self assessed myself as having a broken collar bone.
The EMT’s at the ambulance on the track, and the X-rays at the doctor on Monday confirmed what I had suspected.


This is a very unfortunate  turn of events and a horrible way to start a race season.  THe following weekend I was suppose to be racing at AMA round 1 in Lake Havasu. I had to miss that round and now will hopefully be all healed up and back in action for round 2 at Road America in Wisconsin at the very end of May.
I am not mad that I got hurt, that happens all the time in any type of sport. I am just seriously upset at the timing of the whole thing  :(
but , I am alive healthy and will be ready to go fight another day.
I want to publicly apologize to Brandon for throwing away what was sure to be a win for us,  Alex for getting tangled up with you on the landing, Hazardous Racing for giving me the nicest leather suit I have ever worn and immediately getting it dirty, and all of the champagne that I was unable to open and celebrate with on the podium!

Here is a video recap of the crash that I recorded from the handlebars of my KT’s All Star gymnastics sponsored race bike that weekend:

HOpe you all are well, and I look forward to racing and writing a race report with a happy ending to it very soon!

I also want to take a quick second to congratulate Joey Pascarella for his win in the Anthony Hart Memorial Pro race that weekend and all of my socal moto buddies for kicking butt and representing well  all weekend long !

-Tim Weig


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