The tool set that every motorcycle owner should own !

I made a concious decision to start road racing as a novice in 2009 with the Washington Motorcycle Road Racing Association in Seattle. At that time I didn’t own a bike, a trailer, any gear, or support equipment. Oh.. and I had only been on a race track twice before in my life and that was nearly 6 years prior. I feel like this is a recipe for success already, don’t you ? ;)

Well, I went on craigslist and found a race bike, gear, and some basic stuff to get me on the track for the novice race school. While at the track the first day I a had bunch of trouble with the cheapo generator that I had purchased and needed some tools to get it fixed. Unfortunately I didn’t have the proper tools with me at that time. This put me in a position of having to ride my new bike at a new track with cold tires for each session during my racer school. This was not a great combination to say the least!

I made a note to go home and purchase proper tools for my first race weekend.

A few days later, I went online and found a website called www.PITPOSSE.com that had a wide variety of tools. I was not sure what to purchase but I knew that I needed a few different items and didn’t want to be left out in the cold without the right tools again. So , I filled up my cyber shopping cart with a variety of tools. They showed up at my house a couple of days later and I stuck them in my race trailer so that I would be properly outfitted at the track.

That is the background leading up to today. …..

At the time of this writing, I am wrapping up my 3rd season as an expert road racer and have successfully competed in races all over the west coast with great success. I have had an absolute blast racing and developing my race craft over the past few years. This season I have managed to capture the 2012 WERA west Lightweight Twins Superbike and Superstock championship plates.
Some of the lessons along this road of becoming a top level road racer have been harder to learn than others. There is one lesson that I learned on my first day that I hope to pass along to anyone with open ears. –> Having good tools and the right tools on hand are one of the keys to running a successful race program.

Pit Posse specializes in tools and parts for motorcycles. They have a fantastic line of products to properly outfit your race trailer or shop. They also have a large selection of bike parts and tough hard working tools. One of the tools that I purchased in my very first order 4 years ago was a “Rotating T-Handle toolset” that has proven to be the most trusted and valuable toolset I own. I use this T-Handle set for 95% of all the work that I do on any of my motorcycles and it has never failed me. It is a simple little kit that contains all of the basic sockets, allens, screw driver tips, and a super cool T-Handle driver to attach them to. The tools are strong and the quality is top notch. I whole heartily believe that you can not purchase a better tool set that will be used more often for this kind of money.

If you do not own one of these sets, I highly encourage you to go to this link and buy one today: http://pitposse.com/noname24.html
I have no doubt that you too will soon be reaching for this set anytime you need to work on your bike and you will surely agree that it’s very handy and a great purchase!

Take care and ride safely!

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  1. Hien says:

    Thanks Tim, ordered!

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