Throwback Thursday – a trip down memory lane…

Here is a pic from my very first trackday ever:

1st TrackDay

I Was invited by Ken Ryder and Jane Schwartzkopf Ryder to come ride with Carey Andrews and the Hypercycle team at Streets of Willow with my 2003 CBR 954RR. From that day forward I gave up my canyon and stunt life and fell in love with the track. I did 2 more trackdays that season with hopes of becoming a racer when time and money allowed. I had to sell my bike and move to Albuquerque for a new job after I left the air force that year, so I went 5 years without any motorcycles before moving to Seattle where I purchased a race bike and went to the race track to get back into it.
4 years later I have won a ton of races, spent a lot of money on this horrible addiction, and am going faster and faster every time that I touch the race track. There is no end in sight yet and I plan to continue going as long as possible. Thank you to everyone that has helped me along the way and to all of the friends I have made in this journey. It’s been a blast !
-Tim Weig

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