Tokymods review = 5 Stars and more!




” 7/10/2013
The guys at Tokyomods are outstanding!  I moved to SoCal from the Seattle area about a year ago and have had to find new shops and people to do my race service and bike prep with. I stumbled upon TokyoMods through a recommendation from a friend and am SO  grateful that I did.  I race supermoto with a 2008 KTM 450 SMR  that had a major engine failure and needed some quick and professional help.  They tore the engine down, found the problems, put it back together perfectly and handed me a turn key bike that I went out and won all of my races with that very next weekend.  They did this all in a very timely and professional manner.  What else could I ask for?
The price was well worth the outstanding work they did for me.  I can not possibly tell you how happy I am that the bike is still running flawlessly and winning trophies everytime I take it out to the track.

You can hunt around and find better prices, but I can pretty much guarantee that you will not find a better value than the guys at Tokyomods. They ROCK!

I have test ridden many other bikes that have had the Tokyomods carb , head, and engine work done to them and the bikes all revved to the moon and pulled hard the entire way. If you want a great bike that is delivering the best possible performance , you need to call these guys.

I will be bringing every bike I race here for service for as long as I live in SoCal.
-Tim Weig
USA PRO SUPERMOTO, STTARS, WMRRA,  & WERA expert / pro  racer”


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