Trophies won at final Monroe round of WHR Northwest Nationals Arenacross!

The races  held last night in Monroe were 2 of my best  arenacross race  performances  to date.  I  competed on my 2006 Yamaha  450F   in the  Veteran and  450Junior  race classes along with many great competitors.  I got  great launches off the starting gate all night long and was the first bike out of turn 1 in   3 of my 4 races.  There was a turn 1 pile up that I fell victim to in the other race…

I  swapped “paint” and  had a  great 8 lap battle in my junior race as I battled for  2nd / 3rd place with another guy.  Up until this point in the season I had not rode very well in the junior class so it felt great to be out in the front pack and  really doin’ some work.  We  battled in each corner and when the checkered flag fell I was left standing in 3rd  place.

The Vet races went  great just like they have all season.  I  really nailed the start in both races  which led to a  great set of laps out of any traffic.  In the heat race I  chased the leader and  put a few  decent  block passes on him but couldn’t make anything stick.   I had  2nd  place in the bag  UNTIL I  stalled the bike on the white flag lap, this put be back into 5th place and I  clawed my way back to 4th in the little bit of track that was remaining after I  fired the bike back up… Frustrating!  this is the 3rd time this season that I have  stalled the bike and it has cost me a spot on the podium.
It’s alright though,  because  I went out and nailed the holeshot in moto 2 and then was  passed by my comrade and vet class race  nemisis  Brian Lay (#238).  I chased him for  8 laps and was right on his heels the entire time.  He made  several  mistakes and I could tell that I was really in his head and he was  riding out of control in order to hold the lead.  I kept my cool and stayed right on him with hopes to capitalize on a crash or error that he made near the end of the race as we  started to get  exhausted.  He ended up crossing the finish line in Monroe that night ahead of me again.. just like he has all season long.  Second  place is  what I got and it is a  great  showing, but I  sure wish I had been able to take Brian just once this season. He has been fun to race with and I hope to get the chance again sometime soon.  It is a blast racing  out there with the other 30 year plus veterans  because everyone seems to ride with a lot better attitude and realizes that there is NO need to smash into someone intentionally in order to get a  pass.  The truth is , if you are faster than someone ,  you should be able to make a clean pass and make it stick without risking their safety or your own.  The vets  seem to “get it”…  I wish I could say the same for those punk  kids that I race against in the junior  classes.  :)

Matt was up against some serious  competition last night and it was a  small grid..  He  was  extremely agressive on the start and  battled against some pro class riders for a good portion of the first lap but then  they blitzed off and  he was left to pound out 8 lonely laps…. It was probably pretty frustrating for him , and it was unfortunate that there hadn’t been more true  “intermediates” that signed up for the race.  Oh well,  maybe next time he will get the chance to rock the socks off some fools!

Saturday December 17th was the final night of arenacross racing for Matt and I in Monroe, WA . There are 2 weekends of racing  on the WHR schedule to complete the season; one in Pasco, WA on January 7th  and  one in Redmond, OR in mid March.  I am unable to compete in the Pasco weekend, but plan to make the March round in Redmond, OR  where I should be able to seal up the Vet class season championship.




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  1. brian lay says:

    U raced great out there

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