Weig brothers both get 2nd place in Monroe AX Round 2

Saturday night’s  racing was  fast and furious inside the Monroe fairgrounds as  Matt and I both competed in Round  2 of the winter Arenacross series being held by  promoter  WHR Motorsports.   Matt entered the 25+ amateur  and 450 Intermediate races.   I raced in the 450 Jr and  30+ Vet class.

I got a great start then started  to get comfy on the bike and  led  the majority of the vet class race.  The final lap of the race I  stalled the bike in a corner while trying to avoid getting tangled up with a lapped rider.  The guy behind me snuck by and  I  ended up with a second place trophy.  I rode  pretty well for my second outting and look forward to next week’s  races so that I can  get that  1st place trophy.

Matt went out and  rode harder and pushed himself  further in his 450 Intermediate race than I have ever seen him do in a race. He is  really riding his freshly rebuilt  CRF450  smoothly and confidently.  He  got a rough start  but  quickly moved into 2nd place and  held this position to the end.

All in all it was a great night of  Weig Racing !


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