It is with great pleasure that I present the following Chrome Capes produced mini film that tells my story and why I am the guy you should choose to represent and help provide exposure for your company at the race track:



Please visit http://weigracing.com/sponsorship/new-sponsors/  to see how you can join my team of satisfied sponsors by pledging your support to help me chase down another championship in 2014.  There are many options available and quite honestly ,  any and all support offered  really does make a big difference in helping offset the fees and expenses associated with racing at this level of competition. In return for any support given, I  ALWAYS go above and beyond the average racer’s efforts to provide maximum exposure and positive impressions for all of my sponsors.  If you can not or do not want to help as a team sponsor, you can still help me by sharing this video and post with your friends, family, and social network.  Every view and person that sees this really does help the cause.

About the producers:
This video is the result of many hours of editing, shooting, and post production work by two fine gentlemen at Chrome Capes named Andrew Kinsler and Jason Forman. These guys are passionate about motorcycles and film work. If you have a video project that you would like their help with, they have all the knowledge and equipment necessary to make your project a success.  Please contact them directly at:  andrew.kinsler@gmail.com  (or) jason@illking.com


Thank you very much for your time, I hope you enjoyed the video.
-Tim Weig


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  1. Robert Aliphat says:

    Wow! Ur a Mad Man!
    Tim I’m in Burbank now , look me up if u get a chance.

  2. Anthony Bakker says:

    Great promo video. well done. Good Luck!

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