Weig Racing Update – August 2012


I can’t even begin to tell you how shocked I am that I have not updated anything on here since February of this year. I will not begin to tell you a bunch of lame excuses, that is not how I operate. I will say that I should have been updating this more often, but I have been racing and living out my dreams. Forgive me? I do promise that I will try to update more frequently now that I have settled in to the swing of California life a bit.

What’s new in my race life? Well, a lot actually. I set out with 3 lofty goals this 2012 season which were posted in my resume sent out to all potential sponsors last season. They are 1. Win the WERA Lightweight Superstock championship, 2. Be top 3 in WERA lightweight superbike, 3. Finish top 3 in WERA Clubman . I have had a very successful season racing with WERA and as we are now through the majority of the season with only 3 rounds remaining, I am happy to say that all of these goals are now very real and I should not only meet but will probably exceed them !

I have had a great bike all season thanks to Spear Racing and KFG Racing. The SV seriously hauls balls and I have won races in 4 states and on 6 different tracks this season while riding it. I couldn’t have asked for a better handling or more powerful bike this season. I know that they help me in a ton of ways and I am supposedly obligated to promote them. The truth is that I would promote them and recommend them to people even if they were not sponsors of mine. They are just that good and their reputations in the roadracing world speaks for itself.

I have had a ton of fun racing all over the west coast this season. I have won a lot of races, I have stayed healthy, and have only had one minor crash… which unfortunately and shamefully occurred during the warm up lap at the very first ever Lightweight SuperSport race held at The Ridge Motorsports Park in Shelton, WA. I did not get to race that race, but I went out the following day and showcased my talent and what I was capable of by winning the first ever Lightweight Superbike race held at that facility. I felt a little redeemed after the previous day’s fumble.

There have been a ton of great experiences this season on and off the track and I truly am blessed to be living such a great life. I thank God for everything that I have. I would also like to take a second to thank my family and friends that keep coming out the track to cheer for me, it truly does make me ride better and feel great knowing that you are there for me. You all rock!

I have 3 rounds of WERA west racing remaining this season and am not certain what next season will entail at this time. I have some things that I am working on and I hope they play out as well as this season did. There is a series with the AMA that looks very inviting to me as well as a few other local race series’ that might provide good competition. I know that I won’t sit back on my heels and not create another set of big goals, that’s just not in my nature. I have already started training harder and doing more dirt bike / supermoto riding when I am not at roadraces in order to grow my skill set and stay sharp for the next race. I think this will pay off well in whatever the 2013 season brings my way.

I realize this was a pretty lame post, but I knew I needed to get something on “cyber paper” for those of you that enjoy following my exploits.

Summary : It’s been an awesome season — I am happy,healthy, and looking forward to good things to come in the future!

Stay tuned for some less “lame” posts and announcements ;)

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